Marie Danet is a clinical psychologist, specialized in attachment theory. Her research activities focus on the influence of attachment representations on human development, human interactions and cognitive functioning.

Marie Danet is an associate professor in psychology at University of Lille 3 – PSITEC laboratory (France) and holds a PhD. in Psychology. Her thesis focuses on the influence of attachment representations on cognitive functioning and interactions through the Internet.

Her research focus also on the identification and evaluation of vulnerability factor of Problematic Internet Use (PIU) and cyberbullying. She’s also currently working on Internet use in health issues such as access to parenting, suicide prevention. She works for more than 7 years on the links between attachment and digital uses, both their positive and negative aspects (i.e. problematic use). She is also member of the International Scientific Committee of the International Conference E-Life (the 4th held in Athens in November 2015 and the 5th will take place in June 2016). This congress focuses on Internet addiction and the impact of technology on society. She presented her research on digital uses and Problematic Internet Use in a number of international conferences (Switzerland, Italy, France) and has also publications on these topics in peer-reviewed journals.